SPMS Awards

Swimmer of the Year

1. The purpose of the award is to recognize SPMS swimmers each year, male and female, who have displayed exemplary commitment to Masters swimming, achieved personal success at SPMS swim meets and/or open water events, and have been an inspiration to others.

2. The criteria for the award are as follows:

a. Has been a member of SPMS during the year under consideration.

b. Has competed in at least two SPMS meets or SPMS-sanctioned open water events during the time period under consideration.

3. Nominations and Selection:

a. Nominations can be made by any SPMS swimmer or SPMS club in the form of a written statement based on the criteria above.

b. Nominations and a maximum of four supporting letters should be submitted by email to the SPMS Member at Large or mailed to the SPMS office.

c. Nominations must be received on or before October 15th.

d. A Male Swimmer of the Year and a Female Swimmer of the Year shall be selected by the SPMS Awards Committee headed by the Member-at-Large.

e. The awards shall be presented at the SPMS Short Course Meters Championships.

Past Recipients

Year  Male Female
2022 Chris Gibson & Ryan Bullock Veronica Hibben
2021 Doug Kajiwara Bev Montrella
2019 Steve West Bonnie Spivey
2018 Jonathan Pierce Karen Younkins
2017 Ralph Porrazzo (Rose Bowl)  Veronica Hibben (UCLA)
2016 Mario Marshall Becky Cleavenger
2015 Mike Freshley Christie Ciraulo
2014 Hubie Kerns Sarah Condor
2013 Brian Kremers Bev Montrella
2012 Dan Stephenson Cynthia J Lewis
2011 Ed Moses Janet Evans
2010 Jim McConica Maurine Kornfeld
2009 Jamie Fowler Ahelee Osborn
2008 Jurgen Schmidt Rita Simonton
2006 Mike Shaffer
2005 Jim McConica
2003 Erik Hochstein Rita Simonton
2002 Frank Piemme Karen Melick
2001 Dan Wegner Dawn Heckman
2000 Frank Piemme Madeleine Miller
1999 Jurgen Schmidt Wenke Hansen
1998 Walter Pfeiffer Rita Simonton
1997 Jeff Farrell Maxine Merlino
1996 Boo Graner-Gallas   Diane Graner-Gallas