Sports Medicine

Arlette Godges
SPMS Sports Medicine Chair

The Sports Medicine Committee promotes and disseminates information on all aspects of Sports Medicine. The SPMS Sports Medicine Chair is the liaison to the USMS Sports Medicine Committee.

Jessica Seaton's articles in the award winning Swimmers Source magazine.

Vitamin D3 

Glucosaminsulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate for joints 

Recovery Drinks 

Highlights from the USA Swimming Conference on Sports Medicine and Sports Science in September 2003: Part II 

Weighty Issues 

Swimming and Osteoporosis 

In and Out of Shape 

Too Much 

Too Much in Adobe PDF format 

The Skinny on Massage by Jessica Seaton, D.C.and Jeanne Underwood 

Swimmers Shoulder 

Swimming and Massage 

Swimming and HIV 

To Supplement or not to supplement? 

Zoning Out, a book review 

How to stop Cramping 

Exercise and Low Back Pain 

Other articles on Sports medicine

What Masters need to know about GERD, by Wayne McCauley