Go the Distance

Go The Distance is a free and popular USMS Fitness Event that helps track distance swam and is easy to use.  Swimmer can set his or her own personal goal for the calendar year.  After each and every swim, participant simply enters number of meters or yards or miles done, and a cumulative total is shown for month and year with comparisons available for each age group and gender.  You just might make it into the SPMS top ten for your age group and gender!  It is never too late to sign up, and the price is right. Click here to sign up and join in on this motivating fitness event.  It gives a purpose to every swim regardless of how short or whether you are swimming alone or with a group or your team or even at a swim meet.  You are a winner every time you swim and log it in on Go The Distance!



What kind of mileage do you get?  Want to join the mile high club?  Start tracking your mileage!  Join the USMS Go The Distance to log your swims.  Take a look at the impressive GTD results available here!

SPMS Most Annual Miles (Min of 100 Miles thru 2021)

SPMS Annual Top Ten by Age Group Top 10 (thru 2021)

SPMS Most Lifetime Miles Top 30 (thru 2021)