SPMS Awards

Coach of the Year Award

1. The purpose of this award is to recognize the SPMS swimming coach who has demonstrated outstanding coaching qualities, club development and overall SPMS participation.
2. The criteria for the award are as follows:

a. The coach and club have been members of SPMS during the year under consideration.

b. A Coach of the Year award recipient may only win this award two times in a five year period.

c. The criteria for the award will be considered first, since January 1 of the preceding year, and second, over the coach's career with his or her club. Outstanding contributions to his or her club and its individuals are measured by the following competitive and non-competitive factors:

i. Accomplishments over the past year (club and individual). Club size and growth. Club results at Nationals, regionals, open water, postal events, etc. Records set. All Americans and top ten ranked swimmers, etc.

ii. Publications, articles, clinics, lectures, etc. Submit copies of articles, publication names, clinic dates with their location and number of participants in attendance. Include dates and topics of lectures.

iii. Contributions to USMS and SPMS. Meets hosted, clinics run, SPMS positions, presentations, speaking engagements, etc.

iv. Long-term contributions to Masters Swimming. Number of years as a Masters coach, special accomplishments, etc.

3. Nominations and Selection

a. There shall generally be one award given.

b. A nomination announcement shall be published in the appropriate SPMS Newsletter. Nominations may be made by any registered SPMS member using the SPMS Nomination Form and listing the criteria above and the instructional and inspirational qualities of the coach.

c. The nominating form and a maximum of four supporting letters from registered SPMS swimmers shall be submitted to the Chair of the Coaches Committee by March 15th.

d. The Chair shall appoint a Selection Committee of three members. Each committee member will separately evaluate submitted information according to the criteria listed above, ranking his or her top three nominees so that the top-rated nominee receives one point, the second-rated nominee receives two points, and the third-rated nominee receives three points. The nominee with the lowest aggregate score from among the committee members shall be the winner. In the event of a tie score, the Selection Committee shall meet as a whole to determine a winner from among the tied nominees based on the submitted information for the nominee's overall career with his or her club.

e. The award shall be presented at the SPMS Short Course Yards Championships.

f. Upon approval by the SPMS Committee, the Chair shall, by July 1st, send all documentation for the SPMS Coach of the Year, in the format requested by USMS, to the USMS Coaches Committee for consideration as USMS Coach of the Year.

Past Recipients

2015   Chad Durieux
2014   Victor Hecker
2013   Mark Moore
2012   Chad Durieux
2011   Mary Jackson Lombard
2010   Ken Brisbin
2009   Chad Durieux
2008   Nancy Reno
2007   Vanessa Mesia
2006   Tom Boyd
2005   Victor Hecker
2004   Mark Moore
2003   Mark Moore
2002   Carole Shigaki
2001   Michael Collins
1999   Brandon Seider
1998   John Kocker
1997   Gerry Rodrigues and Rick Goeden
1996   Gary Reese
1995   Philip Hayman