SPMS Standing Committees


The Awards Committee shall be responsible for the acceptance of nominations and the selection of award recipients in acknowledgment of SPMS achievements and contributions except for the SPMS Coach of the Year award which is selected by the Coaches Committee.


The Coaches Committee provides liaison and coordination with coaches of SPMS for various educational and communication purposes.  The Chair of the SPMS Coaches Committee is the liaison to the USMS Coaches Committee.

Diversity and Inclusion



The Fitness Committee promotes and encourages an emphasis on physical fitness in SPMS.

History and Archives

Long Distance & Open Water

The Long Distance & Open Water Committee promotes, coordinates, and publicizes the scheduling of all open water swims.  It also reviews and approves event sanctions and seeks to improve the safety of open water swimming.  The Chair of the SPMS Open Water Committee carries out the duties of the LMSC Sanctions Chair, as defined by USMS, for open water events.

Meet Operations

The SPMS Vice-Chairperson is in charge of the scheduling of all swim meets, subject to confirmation by the SPMSC. The Meet Operations Committee reviews, coordinates, and approves all applications for pool meet sanctions. The SPMS Vice Chair is Chair of the SPMS Meet Operations Committee and carries out the duties of the LMSC Sanctions Chair, as defined by USMS, for pool events.


The Officials Committee promotes and coordinates officials' clinics.  It encourages certification of Masters swimmers and others as officials for pool and open water events.   It coordinates with USA Swimming and Pacific Swimming to provide names of officials for officiating at SPMS meets.

Program Development/Marketing

The Marketing/Public Relations Committee promotes Masters swimming to further the objectives of SPMS.

Sports Medicine and Science

The Sports Medicine Committee promotes and disseminates information on all aspects of Sports Medicine. The SPMS Sports Medicine Chair is the liaison to the USMS Sports Medicine Committee.