SPMS Club Registration


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We want to start a new club.  What do we do?

A: Follow the "Online Club Registration Form" link above to the USMS website and follow the instructions. It would be a good idea to download Building a Successful Masters Club. It has a lot of good ideas and help for your new club!

Q: Our club needs a certificate of insurance to use our facility.  How do we obtain one?

A: An "additional insured" certificate can be obtained from the USMS insurance carrier.  For the most up-to-date information on USMS insurance, and for contact information refer to the insurance section on the USMS website.

Q: Can we get a list of our currently registered swimmers?

Starting a Masters Swim Club

  1. Visit nearby pools, particularly where there is adult or lap swimming, to discern any interest in forming a Masters club.
  2. Post notices of the intention to form a Masters swim club in pools, shopping malls, sports facilities, community halls, or other appropriate places.
  3. Contact various organizations such as Parks and Recreation, YM/YWCA, university and community colleges, high schools, and community pools to ascertain pool availability and cost.
  4. Contact triathlon organizations for prospective members.
  5. Advertise in community newspapers. Many radio and television stations will air public service announcements as a free community service.
  6. Extol the benefits of Masters Swimming: fitness, fun, friendship and participation.
  7. Ask other Masters swim clubs how they got started. Invite some of their members to a meeting. Frequently, a member of the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Committee would be pleased to address a group to explain the benefits of Masters swimming and how to get started.
  8. Form an executive from the interested people contacted and choose a name for the swim club. Decide on membership fees, coach's remuneration, and frequency, starting time and length of workouts. Set some goals: to host a swim meet, publish a club newsletter, or hold social activities. Decide what equipment you will need, e.g. pace clocks, kick boards, pull buoys, hand paddles, stopwatches or lap counters. Major equipment purchases may have to be delayed until sufficient funding is available or a cost-sharing arrangement is worked out with pool management.
  9. Register your club and each individual swimmer with Southern Pacific Masters Swimming, your Local Masters Swimming Committee (LMSC) swimming organization. The annual fee is reasonable and includes several benefits including several from your national Masters organization, United States Masters Swimming (USMS). If you are in Southern California or Southern Nevada contact:
    Southern Pacific Masters Swimming
    Judi Divan
    33561 Calle Miramar
    San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

    Office:  (949) 280-6787
  10. All swimmers in USMS sanctioned swim meets must be registered with a Masters organization in order to compete and to gain official recognition of their times (in Southern Pacific Masters Swimming, nationally or internationally). However, keep in mind that the majority of Unites States Masters swimmers are non-competitive and there are benefits (like Swim Magazine) of registering as a Masters swimmer even if you choose to never compete.
  11. To locate more information on your Local Masters Swim Committee, please refer to the USMS map of US and List of LMSCs.