SPMS Newsletter Schedule & Deadlines

Included in all issues of newsletter:

Places to Swim
SPMS Officers
Registration form

Jan/Feb (due to editor by December 15th)

January to mid-March events
Open water points totals
Call for service awards

Mar/Apr (due to editor by February 15th)

March to mid-May events
Call for coach of the year award
Sports Medicine article

May/Jun (due to editor by April 15th)

May to mid-July events
Health and safety article

Jul/Aug (due to editor by June 15th)

July to mid-September events
Service award winner article
Sports Medicine article

Sep/Oct (due to editor by August 15th)

September to mid-November events
Coach of the year article
Fitness article

Nov/Dec (due to editor by October 15th)

November to mid-January events
Sports Medicine article