SPMS Awards

Contributor of the Year Award

1. The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding contributions to Masters Swimming during the year preceding the year in which the award is presented.

2. The criteria for the award are as follows:

a. Held current Southern Pacific Masters Swimming registration during the year under consideration.

b. Has demonstrated outstanding contributions to Masters Swimming, such as support and leadership, recruitment of members, program development, and promotion of Masters Swimming at the club, local or national level(s) during the year under consideration.

3. Nominations and Selection

a. There shall be no more than one award given each year.

b. Nominations can be made by any SPMS swimmer or SPMS club in the form of a written statement based on the criteria above and submitted to the Chair by the published deadline.

c. Selection will be made by SPMS Committee at the first meeting following the nomination deadline.

d. The award shall be presented at the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming Annual Meeting.

Past Recipients

2023 Lynn Fahey
2022 Ralph Porrazzo
2021 David Johannsen
2020 Diana Dolan LaMar
2019 Errol Graham
2018 Arlette Godges
2017 Bob Eberwine
2016 Sherry Brooks
2015 Robin Smith
2014 Anita Cole