Swimming for Fitness

We Master swimmers all agree that swimming is the very best exercise to stay in shape.  USMS offers a couple of exciting opportunities to track your fitness swimming progress.

USMS Fitness Series

The SmartyPants Vitamins U.S. Masters Swimming Fitness Series contains three challenges: 30-minute, 2K, and 1-mile swims.  Entry net proceeds from all three challenges in the Fitness Series support the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.  You can complete these fun challenges with your local USMS club or swim on your own.  Visit https://www.usms.org/events/fitness-events/fitness-series for more details and to sign up.

Go the Distance

GTD is a self-directed program intended to encourage Masters Swimmers to regularly exercise and track their progress.  There’s no time limit for the distance milestones except that they must be achieved in the calendar year.  Speed doesn’t count, just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself.  Visit https://www.usms.org/fitness/content/gothedistance for more details and to sign up.

USMS ePostal National Championship Events

For those of you who want to compare yourselves with other swimmers around the country or who would like to try something different, USMS offers 3 separate ePostal National Championship Events during the calendar year.

These include a One Hour Swim (25 yard pools or longer), a 5K/10K Swim (50 meter pools only), and a 3,000/6,000 Event (25 yard or 25 meter pools only). Some people do these events for competition, some do it for the challenge, some do it for fitness, and others do it for fun—all who wish to participate are welcome.

For more information: