SPMS Awards

Jim Marcus Award

1. The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding contributions made to Masters Swimming by SPMS members.

2. The criteria for the award are as follows:

a. Has been a member of SPMS during the calendar year under consideration.

b. Has made outstanding contributions to Masters Swimming, such as support and leadership, recruitment of members, and commitment to furthering the objectives of Masters swimming programs.

3. Nominations and Selection

a. There shall be no more than one award given each year.

b. Nominations can be made by any SPMS swimmer or SPMS club in the form of a written statement based on the criteria above.

c. Nominations should be submitted by email to the SPMS Member at Large or mailed to the SPMS office.

d. Nominations must be received on or before October 31st.

e. Selection will be made by the SPMS Awards Committee headed by the Member-at-Large.

f. The award shall be presented at the SPMS Short Course Meters Championships.

Past Recipients

2013   Dan Wegner
2012   Michael Heather
2011   Errol Graham
2010   Christie Ciraulo
2009   Julie Heather
2008   Mark Moore
2003   Lucy Johnson
2002   Gary McDowell
2001   Jessica Seaton
2000   Michael Collins
1999   Bonnie Adair
1998   John Kocker
1997   Malchia Olshan
1996   Gary Reese
1995   Gerry Rodrigues
1994   Jill Lapp
1993   Diane Graner-Galles
1992   Rick Goeden
1991   Bill Early
1990   Chuck Hay
1989   Reg Richardson
1988   Barbara Dunbar
1987   Clay Evans
1986   Pamela Whittington
1985   Steve Schofield
1984   Judy Meyer