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May/June 2015 SPMS Newsletter

What We're All About

Adult Swimming

Masters swimming is an organized program of swimming for adults.  Masters swimming exists to promote health and fitness to its members who participate in a variety of ways ranging from lap swimming to international competition.  Everyone has his or her own reason for joining Masters — health, fitness, camaraderie, fun, the thrill of competition, travel and coaching.  Anyone 18 years of age or older can join.  United States Masters Swimming, Inc.  (USMS) provides the national administrative structure for Masters swimming, and it supports the local Masters programs.  USMS was founded in 1970 and has 60,000 members with 1,000 local swim clubs located throughout the country.  USMS holds national championships each year for short course yards in the spring and long course meters in the summer.

Southern Pacific Masters Swimming (also known as Southern Pacific Masters Association) is part of the Southwest Zone of United States Masters Swimming.

On the local level, Masters swimming is governed by Local Masters Swimming Committees (LMSC).  The LMSCs in turn are composed of smaller groups: clubs, teams and un-affiliated swimmers.  This is the web site for the Southern Pacific Masters Swimming (SPMS); the local association that encompasses Southern California and parts of Nevada.  SPMS has more than 5,000 members.

For fitness and triathlete swimmers, being part of a Masters Swimming program provides a coached workout for help with swimming technique, and a pool full of teammates to encourage each other to continue with the swimming regimen.  USMS also sponsors several fitness challenges throughout the year, such as the 2000 yard fitness challenge and the February fitness challenge.  What Masters Swimming is all about.

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